Arts & Cultural Events

Alan Syliboy Art Show

Join us for this very special exhibit featuring renowned Nova Scotia artist Alan Syliboy being held at the new Pugwash Library.

Syliboy is best known for his striking, colorful paintings, which often feature symbolic shapes and patterns that represent Mi’kmaq legends and stories. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across Canada and the United States, and he has received numerous awards for his contributions to the arts.

Paint in The Park

We’re thrilled to showcase the talents of local plein air artists as they create beautiful works of art throughout Eaton Park. 

Festival goers will have the unique opportunity to observe these artists in action, and ask questions about their creative process.

As you stroll through you’ll see the works evolving and taking shape. Watch as they capture the beauty of the natural surroundings or personal inspirations while bringing them to life on their canvases.

Peace Hall Art Auction

The action doesn’t end there! The completed works of the participating plein air artists will later be on display at the Peace Hall.

You’ll be able to admire them up close and if you fall in love with a particular piece, there is an opportunity to take it home with you.

The works created during the day will be auctioned off in the late afternoon, with proceeds split between the artists and Pugwash Open Air Gallery (POAG)

Art In Action On The Line

This is a wonderful opportunity to get creative, engage with the community, and support a great cause.

Our Art in Action tent, located in Eaton Park, will be stocked with all the creative supplies you’ll need to make your very own masterpiece. The public is invited to participate by creating small works of art that will be donated and displayed on clothes lines.

All works of art will be sold to support POAG for a set minimum price. 

Heritage Scavenger Hunt

Explore the many details that make our village unique, from Gaelic signs to mariner knots, art installations to heritage displays, and much more. 

Visit us at the Communities in Bloom table at Eaton Park where you can pick up a scavenger hunt form. Then set off on a quest to find all the hidden treasures throughout the village. Return with the completed form for a chance to win exciting prizes.